Identification of relevant consumer needs as a basis for the development of successful innovations.

You are at the beginning of the product development process or are looking for innovation platforms for your brand, and the question of tangible starting points is in the air.

Consumer insights are the most important basis for innovation projects that are successful on the market in the long term. They guarantee that the ideas and concepts based on them are applied in the "right" places: The concrete needs of your target group.

Your advantages:

  • Deep engagement with the world of the consumer
  • Developing an understanding of the behaviour and needs of your target group
  • Identification of emotional and functional triggers and barriers
  • Definition of well-founded insights as a starting point for innovation development.

Insight generation - the most effective way to gain consumer needs as a starting point for innovation.


Here is our fact sheet “Insight-Generation” for you to download free of charge.

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