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With the help of the EARSandEYES TouchPoint Optimizer, the reach and impact of marketing touchpoints can be determined. The impact of the respective touchpoints is implicitly derived using a powerful statistical approach. Based on this, the EARSandEYES TouchPoint Optimizer provides you with detailed information on how to distribute your marketing budget to the touchpoints in an economically ideal way so that it has the best possible effect on customers' purchasing decisions. This can be products in the online shop as well as in the stationary trade, but also customer supports and services.

The special feature of the EARSandEYES TouchPoint Optimizer is that the query of the decision trees is very simple and not very time-consuming for the consumer. This is because we have shifted the complexity of the many possibilities to the evaluation, where a large number of the chosen consumer decisions are derived and recalculated, leading to further answers.


As a result, you receive a marketing-friendly preparation of the research results. A detailed presentation of the results illustrates what is already working well and where room for improvement can still be found. You will see at which touchpoints your invested marketing budget has already proven its worth, but also at which touchpoints the potential is not exhausted - i.e. where it would be effective to adjust even better. Similarly, you will also find out where the influence of the touchpoint falls behind of the expected result.

This gives you relevant insights into the consumer journey:

  •     Touchpoint reach measurement: How many consumers had contact with the various touchpoints?
  •     Touchpoint impact: The derived relevance of the respective touchpoint for the final purchase decision.
  •     Insights into the optimal touchpoint combination.
  •     Since competitors are also being queried, you also learn something about their strategy and reach and can make use of these insights.

This allows you to distribute your marketing budget precisely to the touchpoints that have the greatest effect on the consumer's purchase decision.

Our proprietary development TouchPoint Optimizer was awarded the Innovation Prize by the German Association of Market and Social Researchers (BVM) in 2020. You can also find out more about the TouchPoint Optimizer for the consumer-patient journey in our press release EARSandEYES and Eucerin win BVM Innovation Award 2020.

Would you like to know more about our TouchPoint Optimizer for the optimal use of your marketing budget?

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