Time for the timeline EARSandEYES - our story

For a quarter of a century we have been conducting market research from Hamburg for the whole world. In doing so, we always keep the economic and social requirements of our clients and society in mind. We are constantly developing and this benefits our clients and our employees. We are proud to be EARSandEYES!

Whether Mobile First, Online Discussion Board, Virtual Shelf, the EARSandEYES InnoCircel, DIY&T with kvest, the TouchPoint Optimizer or our latest in-house development - the online shop: We develop and research for you, our customers.

And we have even integrated this affair of the heart into our brand logo as a claim.

EARSandEYES - We let you shine!

Happy 25

Our 25th anniversary is a milestone for our company. Over the past few years we have celebrated many successes, overcome many challenges and continued to evolve. We are proud of our employees, customers and partners who have made this success possible. Here's to the next 25 years!


We are the first market research institute to develop a research tool for the Internet marketplace that quickly, easily and cost-effectively tests and evaluates a realistic online purchasing situation in the relevant competitive environment. Our latest in-house development goes live. Impressively close to reality, we simulate an increasingly relevant point of sale - the online store.

We let you shine

Our new vision focuses precisely on those who are close to our hearts: Our clients. We support you in being successful and let you shine; through bold, creative and pragmatic solutions. How? We make sure that research findings and recommendations really reach the company and can be adapted immediately.

Innovation Award

Bäm - we are proud and happy: The TouchPoint-Optimizer: A New Approach to Marketing Budget Allocation, developed by Eucerin, EARSandEYES, IfaD and University of Applied Sciences Europe, is the winning project of the Innovation Award 2020 of the Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. (BVM).


With kvest.com, we are opening a platform for automated pre-tests in October. Kvest is based on an idea that has driven our founders since the late nineties: fast, valid market research based on standardised survey models.


As part of our systematic innovation management, we accompany our clients throughout the entire innovation process. The basis for our comprehensive consulting services is the EARSandEYES InnoCircle, a "map" of the phases in the innovation process, based on the Stage-Gate® model created by Robert Cooper.

Virtual Shelf

Our virtual sales shelf, which allows product packaging, pricing and portfolios to be tested in a realistic sales environment, will be equipped with a three-dimensional product display for an even more realistic feel.

Online Quali

With the Online Discussion Board (also a proprietary development), we enable our customers to collect qualitative data flexibly and efficiently. A little later, we expanded our offer with the mobile app MindJournal, another tool for developing and directly addressing younger, tech-savvy target groups.

Mobile first

As a technology-driven market research institute, we are one of the first to optimise our surveys for output on mobile devices; responsive questionnaire design is now a prerequisite for high participation rates even in hard-to-reach target groups.

Fans of FAMS

Launch of the new market research training programme. At EARSandEYES, we have always been big supporters of this specialised research training programme, even without a degree. It was therefore a point of honour for us to be one of the pioneers of the first FAMS training programme and to have offered and filled a place every three years since.


Our own IT department is a feature that still sets us apart from many of our competitors today: The synthesis of sound consulting services and individual, customer-specific technical solutions. Do you have a special request? Challenge us!

Here to stay

The current longest-serving employee (besides the management) joins the EARSandEYES team. Flat hierarchies and a family-like way of dealing with each other are still a central part of our corporate culture and result, among other things, in a low staff turnover.

Game starter

EARSandEYES is founded by Frank Lüttschwager, Susanne Maisch and Oliver Leisse in Hamburg. We are one of the first online market research institutes in Germany to launch our self-programmed survey software EaESI. Meanwhile the established institutes are still asleep.

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