From insight to successful Systematic product innovation

Along the innovation funnel, many questions arise: What knowledge about consumers, the market and the brand is already available - and possibly even "lying fallow". Which knowledge gaps need to be filled and how do I derive consumer insights from this? How do I take these into account when developing ideas? How and where do I best start with systematic new product development and how do I ultimately ensure that only the most promising ideas enter the concept development phase?

We know the answers to these questions because we draw on our wealth of experience in innovation management and accompany you through all phases of the process, always adapting to your individual requirements.

Use our support in generating consumer insights as a starting point for the development of promising ideas, their conceptual implementation, evaluation and selection - all the way to the development of the entire marketing mix.

Our consumer-centric approach is based on three pillars

01Consumers in focus

We use numerous different approaches to consumers. The focus is always on a comprehensive understanding of their habits, desires and attitudes and the consumer insights derived from them.

02Innovation with an awareness of current trends

As a matter of principle, relevant social and industry-specific trends flow into our idea development workshops. It is important to know how people and markets are developing and to adopt different and thus unfamiliar perspectives.

03Only the best get ahead

Which ideas can convince consumers? Make a reliable pre-selection of your best ideas based on a single valid key figure - and also receive concrete indications for their optimisation.

Reach your goal easily with our innovation modules

We pave the way to a successful product through systematic innovation management using a wide range of tools and resources. Depending on the research objective and the state of knowledge, the following methods and procedures are used, for example:

Consumer insight generation
Let's dive in

Consumers are the heart and the driver of innovation and market success. Only if their needs are met can brands, products and services be successful in the market long term.

Effective but lean Usage & Attitude studies are a step towards a deep understanding of the attitudes and needs of your customers. However, we also generate valuable insights into your target group through online discussion boards and communities, diaries and home visits – either remotely or traditionally, in person.

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Desk research
Looking beyond the horizon

To generate consumer insights, we also draw on existing internal and external secondary material such as current market, brand and consumer studies. In this way, we complement your primary data collection in a meaningful and targeted way - all in the sense of gaining particularly comprehensive insights, often also as preparation for an ideas workshop.

Ideas workshop
Innovation is manual work

How do insights become ideas? In a structured process based on design thinking, we first create a broad and deep consumer understanding together with the interdisciplinary workshop participants. Enriched with trends and internal and external expert perspectives, this knowledge forms inspirational spring-boards for new product ideas.

We enable the participants to become imaginative idea developers through creative exercises. At the same time, the ideas are visualised and brought to life. This gives you a large number of potential new product ideas or services that are optimally prepared for screening in the next phase.

We conduct these design thinking workshops in both virtual and physical format. Here we focus on your requirements and needs.

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Ideas screening
The art of reduction

A hundred ideas, but not all of them are gold: we evaluate which have the potential to be a successful product on the basis of valid consumer feedback. The result is a clear ranking based on a single metric that combines the long-term success indicators of personal relevance, uniqueness and credibility. This enables the effective selection of ideas for follow-up.

Understanding why one idea wins consumers better than the other is presented in the Principle Results Chart. It shows the specific rating levels of each idea on each Key Performance Indicator and provides guidance on how to optimise the idea description.

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Concept Writing workshop
Laying the foundations

The concept phase is another crucial step en route to a market-ready product. In order to fully exploit the potential of new product ideas, they must first be translated into convincing, understandable and credible concepts as a prerequisite for reliable evaluation by consumers. Otherwise, there is a danger that promising concepts with market potential will be discarded too early in the innovation process.

Unleash the full potential of your ideas and establish a systematic and successful approach to concept writing as a team. In our 5-hour Concept Writing workshop you will learn to create concepts that really shine.

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Concept testing
Knowing what works

Identify the concepts with the highest potential for success with market research and use them to enter product development.

Evaluate the chances of success of each concept on the basis of long-term success indicators and identify possible optimisation needs for product and communication fine-tuning from the consumer's point of view. Understand which benefits drive the acceptance of your described product, which competitors are attacking you and which cannibalisation risk exists.

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