Five lectures. Five research methods. Five Twenty-five minutes.

EARSandEYES is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us. We invite you to attend five Knowledge Lectures that will shed light on different research approaches in market research. In 25 minutes you will get a smart & quick insight into a specific method, approach or tool we use at our institute.

Register now for free. All lectures in German.

Thursday 14 March, 11am | Online
Virtual shelf & online shop - why you don't always have to ask at the PoS

Our customers often ask questions such as

  •     Which pack has the best design?
  •     What is the ideal portfolio?
  •     What price will our customers accept for our product?

Ten years ago, we developed a solution to answer these and other questions without the need for an expensive survey at the PoS or a test market: A virtual shelf based on the real shopping process. The products are displayed in a competitive environment and the (validated) overall appearance is realistic. We have now transferred our decades of experience with the virtual shelf to an online shop. Our virtual approaches provide targeted answers and the resulting recommendations for action are clear. In our presentation, we will use practical examples to show you how the results for your questions are determined and what they can look like.

The speaker is Joachim Odendahl, head of quantitative ad hoc market research at EARSandEYES.

Registration: Virtual shelf and online shop - why you don't always have to ask at the PoS

Mon 15 April | As part of the WdM | Online
DIY&T with

We are delighted to be taking part in the DIY&T Pitch again this year. In our pitch, we will show you live how you can set up a kvest test - e.g. a design or concept test - in less than 10 minutes and add modules such as Gabor-Granger or Price Sensitivity Measurement (PSM) if required. Using a current case study as an example, we will demonstrate the Virtual Shelf add-on module and show you how you can test your stimuli in the relevant competitive environment in just a few days. In the remaining time, we will take a brief look at the Live Dashboard.

Find out, among other things:

  •     How does market research work with and which questions can be answered with kvest?
  •     How exactly can target groups be defined in kvest and what about the data quality?
  •     Is kvest a pure DIY tool or is there the option of consulting and support?
  •     What costs should I expect with kvest?

The speaker will be Dr Ella Jurowskaja, our expert for self-service market research.

You can register for the lecture from 4 March in the WdM events calendar. We will then also publish the link to the registration form here.

Thu 16 May, 11am | Online
Online focus groups as a smart solution for insight generation

Only those who listen to and understand their target group can achieve long-term market success with their products. Consumer insights are the most important basis for sustainable innovation in the market.

Online focus groups provide a time and cost efficient way to gain an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, motivations and behaviours. The research method allows greater flexibility in the selection of participants. They can be reached from different geographical regions and without the additional time spent travelling.


  • marketing
  • Product development teams
  • Corporate market researchers

The speaker is Andrea Gülstorf, our expert in insight generation and conducting online focus groups.

Registration: Online focus groups as a smart solution for insight generation

Thu 20 June, 11am | Online
Brand Tracking - Get your brand on track ... and stay on track!

What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean - Isaac Newton, prophet of modern brand management.

Brands operate in an ever-changing environment of buyers, competitors, distribution channels, advertising media... If you try to keep track, you'll quickly get lost in a sea of data - but if you don't try, you'll sail into a storm without knowing the ship or the sea.

Good brand tracking helps to navigate these seas, avoid the odd reef and set the safest course for your brand. And it helps to check that course regularly and to recognise early on when an adjustment is needed.


    Brand and product managers
    Operational market researchers

The speaker is Leonid Rubinstein, our lookout and quantitative navigation expert.

Registration: Brand Tracking - Get your brand on track ... and stay there!

Thu 10 October, 11am | Online
Pre-test instead of gut feel - test packaging designs within 48 hours

Design testing is a prime example of how market research can be put to good use on demand. All too often, packaging shots are not finalised until just before a product launch, meaning that a pre-test is not possible due to time constraints. The decision on which packaging variant to launch is then based on gut feeling.

Automated pre-tests allow manufacturers to use the market research toolbox even under time pressure. Customised questions can be added to the pre-defined pre-test templates on in just a few steps and the survey can be started within minutes. Largely automated processes enable national or international studies to be carried out in a matter of days. Experienced consultants are also available to provide support throughout the process.

During the webinar we will introduce you to market research on demand using best practice studies. We will configure a sample design test together and then discuss the study results based on the output in the interactive dashboard.

The speaker is Dr Ella Jurowskaja, our self-service market research expert.

Registration: Pretest instead of gut feeling - test packaging designs within 48 hours

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