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We use our 3D shelf to simulate the PoS more realistically than ever before. This not only saves you a lot of time, but most of all a great deal of money.

We use our “best-in-class” shelf to study the potential of your alternative designs. We simulate real-life buying decisions at the PoS for you, quickly, simply and at low cost. Thanks to the 3D technology, individual products can be removed from the shelf and examined from all sides.

A digital shelf, more true-to-life than ever

Overview of all the different versions of our Virtual Shelf (click for larger image)

This allows you to test the penetrating power of your product in very realistic surrounding and a real competitive environment. Even for large sample sizes and tricky target groups, our shelf test will provide valid results within a matter of days – at comparatively little cost.

The virtual implementation means that any changes in design and optimisations can be carried out quickly and simply, without the high cost of producing prototypes and dummies normally associated with these.

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