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When you need quick, simple and low cost answers, the EARSandEYES Omnibus is just the right thing! Our omnibus surveys provide you with the basis for making your strategic decisions, without having to commission an entire study of your own.

Whether you are interested in defining target groups, attitudes to brands, markets, media or political events – you will receive answers that point you in the right direction.

Omnibus weekly

This omnibus survey will provide you with answers to your questions within one week, and is representative of the overall population. In our online panel, we carry out surveys among 1,000 people living in Germany, including target groups that are difficult to reach. The results will provide you with the necessary foundations for making decisions, e.g. in preparation for presentations, negotiations, pitches or PR work.


  • German population (16 to 69 years old)
  • Representative of overall population by age, sex and region
  • EARSandEYES Access Panel

Sample: n=1,000

Editorial deadline: every Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Results delivered:

  • the following Tuesday (Coding of open-ended questions: +3 working days)
  • Table of results
  • Standard subgroups: Age, sex, region, size of town, marital status, size of household, children in household, net household income


Category Price
Provisioning fee 150,00 €
Closed question (up to a scale of 10) 450.00 €
Closed question (up to 5 statements) 450.00 €
Each additional 5 statements 200.00 €
Closed question (marks unlimited) 450.00 €
Matrix question (up to 5 items on a scale of 5) 450.00 €
Each additional 3 items 200.00 €
Open question (uncoded) 450.00 €
Open question (coded*) 850.00 €
Labeled SPSS dataset 250.00 €
Chart report (per chart) 100.00 €
Individual table headers (up to 3) 100.00 €
Integration of graphics (per graphic) 50.00 €
Integration of audio/video (up to 30 sec.) 100,00 €
* Coding of semi-open-ended questions will be charged by time and material.
Deviations will be charged by time and material.

Contact and booking

Please send any queries about the EARSandEYES Omnibus to:

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