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Testing your product under everyday conditions

In the course of its life cycle, a product repeatedly finds itself in situations in which it becomes necessary to review it.

In the early stages of its development, the focus lies on screening possible alternatives. Later on, the question is whether the product is marketable and whether it will be able to assert itself against the competition. Products that are already in the marketplace should also be regularly checked: Are they still superior to the competition, or has the latter managed to make up ground?

The right design for every requirement

On top of this, changes in the price of the raw materials, legal requirements and cost-saving considerations can make it necessary to change the composition of your product – such a sensitive step needs to be fine-tuned beforehand using accurate research data.

Depending on the situation, the demands towards a product test may vary too (e.g. blind vs. branded, monadic vs. sequential monadic, in-home vs. hall test). We offer you the appropriate research design for every application. Clever additional analyses, such as a reward penalty analysis, allow us to identify which screws you need to adjust in order to achieve better product performance.

In-home use

Will your product survive the test of everyday use? For an in-home use test, we incorporate your product in your target group’s everyday life. The target rates your product at a time of its choosing, in its everyday surroundings and over an extended period of time – you can hardly get any closer to your customers.

Your advantages:

  • Selection based on long-term success indicators
  • Clear information for a targeted optimisation based on valid analytical diagnostics
  • High cost-efficiency thanks to top response rates within our own access panel

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