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Range/portfolio optimisation

If your portfolio is not balanced or your product range is incomplete, customers could become dissatisfied and you might lose market shares to your competitors.

In order to determine the optimum product mix and to make sustainable decisions for new product developments or range optimisations, you need accurate information about the situation at the PoS, the perception of your brand and product range by consumers, as well as the positioning of your competitors.

Determining the optimum portfolio

We give you the tools and the data you need in order to be able to assess and optimise the specific constellation surrounding your product portfolio.

Using a specially developed conjoint procedure based on our unique virtual shelf, for example. With this you can simulate situations at the PoS quickly and accurately, and observe how different products interact with each other – for a fraction of the budget that the same test would cost at the actual point of sale.

Your advantages:

  • Channel-specific shelves
  • Surveys that are closer to market realities in competitive environment
  • Better estimate of the effect of individual parameters leading to more accurate results
  • Valid basis for decisions

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