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The external values

Apart from the classical task of capturing consumers’ attention and having a positive influence on the buying intention at the Point of Sale (PoS), the packaging of a product also needs to convey brand values and support the brand positioning.

But which of the new packaging designs you have come up with best fulfils these tasks? Which packaging will assert itself best at the PoS? How can the winning design be further optimised?

Our packaging test combined with our virtual Leading Edge shelf allows us to obtain particularly realistic results, enabling you to identify the best possible packaging design for your product.

Your advantages

  • Surveys that are closer to market realities

  • Realistic results

  • More reliable basis for decisions

Based on your individual questions, we can decide from case to case whether the assessment of your packaging can also benefit from measuring the subconscious movements of people’s eyes (eye tracking).

We are happy to help you!