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Assert yourself!

An advertising campaign is generally not only an expensive undertaking, but also associated with high expectations. This alone is a good reason to thoroughly test your marketing communications in terms of their assertive powers, their activating potential and their image transfer.

Evaluating your advertising activities can take the form of a pretest, for example, before launching a campaign, or a post-test after running the ad, or else over an extended period of time, as a form of continuous advertising tracking.

  • TVC and print: Testing the advertising impact of television commercials, print ads and posters
  • Ad tracking: How successful are my ads?
  • Claim testing: Is my slogan going down well?

Implicit measurement of emotions

We use our facial coding approach to analyse the non-verbal emotional responses of subjects to a stimulus such as a television commercial. This allows us to make predictions about the viral potential of the content. A scene-by-scene assessment can also be performed.

Touchpoint analysis

How relevantly and efficiently are you communicating in those places where your target group comes into direct contact with your company or your brand? This type of analysis allows you to optimise the alignment of your marketing budget and to better direct your marketing measures.

Classical ads

When measuring recall and brand fit, as well as the effect on brand image and buying behaviour, we offer you a standardised procedure for examining your classical advertising materials (television, print). In addition, the findings can be calibrated against benchmarks from our comprehensive database.

Below the line

We will also be happy to check your non-classical advertising and communication materials for you. Here we can test advertising materials designed for the PoS, prize draws and mailings, or social media activities in terms of their effect, design, comprehension and penetrating power.


Having carried out research for over 20 years, we have comprehensive databases which we can use to generate standard scores for you to use as benchmarks. This is very helpful, particularly in the field of communication, in rating television commercials, ads or product names.

Incidentally: You can also check the effect of your designs, ads and concepts very simply on your own, using our automated pretesting tool kvest.

(The kvest interface is currently available in German language only.)

We are happy to help you!