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„Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.“

Jonah Sachs (US author, speaker and viral marketing pioneer)

A product in the market needs to be convincing on many different levels. Consumers must covet and want to use it – but if the price is wrong it will remain on the shelf. Once a suitable niche and a target audience have been found, the packaging and advertising at the PoS must catch the consumers’ eye – otherwise they may reach for a competitor product.

Optimise your marketing

To ensure that your innovation meets all the requirements of a successful new product, we can systematically test all the elements of the marketing mix and offer you solid foundations on which to develop and optimise your targeted communication.

Can your product stand its ground on the shelf? Do consumers consider the price justified, or could it even be higher? Does the product meet all expectations? Are the right benefits being communicated in an activating way?

These are all questions that we can examine and answer for you in this research domain.

We are happy to help you!