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Asking “Why”

For us, innovation is first and foremost about creating new, saleable products which can be brought to market profitably. Without consumer insights, such a renewal is built on sand.

Some questions to be asked on the way to the insight:

  • Why do consumers behave in unexpected ways in a particular situation?
  • What essential human needs are unmet at the moment?
  • What fundamental motivation underlies the observed behaviour?

Insight generation: The path to understanding

Interior view EARSandEYES with poster WHY?

The insight marks the starting point for innovation. Systematically generating insights about the behaviour, the needs and the perceptions of consumers is therefore the basis for controlled and targeted innovation research.

Consumer Connect” is our way of getting in close contact with consumers – using methods such as in-home visits, online diaries and online communities.

In our one- to two-day insight workshops, we will introduce your project team to the dynamics of consumer insights, explain the nature of consumer insights, filter the valuable findings from the existing material and shed light on the understanding of consumers from different angles, so as to find out as much as possible about the Why (motivation) and the What (needs). From there, we determine the important consumer insights that will make a difference in the market – provided they are used as a springboard for future innovations.

Coming up with ideas

EARSandEYES Ideation Workshop

If you wish, we can help your team to go through the qualitative material that has been collected and build upon it in a professionally moderated workshop. External experts with specific know-how in the field will support us in the course of the discussion. This encourages interdisciplinary thinking and integrates new perspectives. By visualising the ideas at the same time, the approaches become experienceable, acting as a catalyst for concentrating the approach.

This will give you a comprehensive pool of structured product ideas and concepts in a short space of time, grounded in the behaviour and expectations of consumers.

From product idea to concept

We are always at your side as you transform an initial idea based on consumer needs into a complete, elaborated concept that takes into account target groups and positioning considerations.

In our concept writing workshops, we use interactive methods and lots of practical modules to convey the role of concepts in the context of the innovation process, for example, the foundations for writing successful product concepts, and how to get from an initial idea to a concept.

The precise contents of the workshop, the key messages and the concrete structure will be discussed with you in detail beforehand.

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