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Systematic selection of successful concepts

We can support you during every stage of developing products and services using strong and competitive consumer insights, robust ideas and successful concepts for products and services.

But how do you decide in the end which idea and which concept is the right one? In our “Evaluation” phase we test, optimise and select the most promising insights, ideas and concepts to be turned into concrete products.

Insight evaluation

Choosing the right insight is the basis for your success: Insights that reflect a relevant but as yet inadequately satisfied need move consumers and their needs to the focus of innovation-generating activities – thereby creating the preconditions for successful innovation.

  • You have a selection of insights that you would like to qualify more closely in terms of content, so as to bring each one to life in a vivid and comprehensible way?
  • You already have a set of insights and now want to identify, quickly and inexpensively, the most promising ones before starting to develop product ideas?

In each case, we can offer you the right research approach. Qualitative validation or quantitative ranking based on need gap scores.

Idea evaluation

Based on consumer insights, you have come up with a large number of ideas for new products or services in the course of a workshop. Now you want to make a reliable short list before moving to the concept development phase, to ensure that you are selecting the most successful ideas from the consumers’ point of view. Our Idea Evaluation is particularly suitable for testing a large number of ideas.

A clear ranking of all the ideas based on a single key index, which comprises the most important indicators for success, is provided to you in the form of an Action Chart. This allows you to efficiently select those ideas that should be pursued further.

Idea Evaluation Grafik. Bild: EARSandEYES GmbH

Understanding why one idea wins over more consumers than another one is aided by the Principle Results Chart. This displays the concrete ratings of each idea on each of the key performance indicators and offers clues as to how the description of the idea can be further optimised.

Concept evaluation

You have developed concrete product concepts based on fundamental insights and promising product ideas. Before investing in the next, costly product development phase, you want to know which approaches should be prioritised and ensure that future products are strong enough to assert themselves successfully in the market.

  • Selection based on proven success indicators
  • Detailed information about possible ways of optimising content and language
  • Flexible possibilities for checking further elements of the marketing mix
  • International deployability

Your concept in everyday life

The concept and use method can tell you whether your concept will function as expected in the market. Here your product or service is tested and rated by consumers in their everyday lives.

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