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„Your most dissatisfied customers are your best source of learning.“

Bill Gates (US entrepreneur, programmer and patron)

New ideas usually begin with new insights.

Insights not only help you to understand consumers better, but also to draw new conclusions from what you have learnt about current behaviour and unfulfilled needs. This fundamental understanding will ideally become the starting point for any innovation which a company plans and pursues until the products and/or services are ready for the market.

The importance of consumer insights and the path to new ideas for products and services

This process begins and ends with the consumer, because it is consumers who will use the product or service, who will gather experiences with it (and sometimes share these), who will solve problems with it and very often use it to satisfy their needs.

The chances of any innovation surviving in the market therefore inevitably depends on how profound and comprehensive the insight at the beginning of the process was, and the extent to which consumers’ needs were the focus of attention during the development process.

But how does one define or determine reliable consumer insights? How can insights be converted into ideas that are appropriate to the market and target group, and finally into concepts and saleable products?

Very simple: by following a system.

With us you benefit from systematic innovation management, providing support throughout your entire innovation process, from the initial insight generation through to the final launch of the product. The EARSandEYES InnoCircle.

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