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Market research for systematic innovation

Using our systematic innovation management we can support you throughout the entire innovation process – from the initial insight generation through to the final launch of the product.

No matter which stage of the innovation process you are at, we provide customised solutions for the challenges you are facing. We will sit down with you and establish which consumer and market insights are relevant to you, extract the most promising fields of innovation and, helped by your team, develop concrete products and services, taking into account all the facets of the marketing mix.

Our EARSandEYES InnoCircle, based on Robert Cooper’s Stage-Gate® model, reflects the different stages of the innovation process and therefore offers you the right research approach for each phase, so as to maximise the success of your innovative ideas.

The reflection phase


Starting from a fundamental knowledge of the brand, the market and consumers, this phase focuses on reflecting on the brand strategy and identifying high opportunity areas.

The ideation phase


This phase of innovation is about developing reliable consumer insights, ideas and concepts. We can support you in this with a multitude of flexible tools and methods, such as our professionally moderated insight workshops and our diary app and online discussion board, both of which we have developed independently.

The data collected can be condensed and structured with your assistance in the context of professionally moderated idea and concept writing workshops.

The evaluation phase


Once the insights, ideas and concepts have been developed, they are tested and the most promising ones are selected to be turned into concrete products.

During this evaluation phase too, it is essential to keep in close contact with consumers, either through qualitative validation via classical focus groups as well as concept and use tests, or through quantitative ranking based on the need gap score.

The optimisation phase


Before, during and after the product launch, the focus lies on defining and optimising the marketing mix. Are the product, the packaging and the advertising measures perfectly tuned to each other? How about the price? Is the portfolio still well-balanced?

In the context of advertising impact research, we use innovative methods such as facial coding and eye-tracking. In order to optimise the pricing, packaging and portfolio, we offer our Leading Edge digital sales shelf.

The observation phase


Once the product has been launched, its performance needs to be monitored and measured. When necessary adjustments are identified, the cycle eventually begins afresh. In this phase too, our experts are always at hand to share their far-reaching know-how about the industry and the available methods with you.

If you have any questions about InnoCircle or our other services in the field of product innovation, we will be happy to provide further advice!

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