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Understanding consumers’ needs

Consumers ought to play a pivotal role in product development and innovation. Their needs and preferences, as conveyed via consumer insights, give companies the decisive impulses for managing their brands and continuing to develop their portfolio towards their chosen target.

  • Who are my current and potential customers?
  • How do they behave and what (unfulfilled) needs to they have?
  • How and why do (potential) customers use products and brands?
  • Which distinct target groups can be characterised?
  • Which target groups offer the biggest potential, and how can I address them most effectively?

Usage and attitude

We use this method to explore consumers’ behaviour and habits for you, by examining their everyday lives and developing a fundamental understanding of their attitudes, usage behaviour and experiences in handling products and brands.

Needs and motivation

In order to work out far-reaching and relevant insights about your customers, we go far beyond the What, When and How, to get to the bottom of what drives customers. In doing so, it is essential to explore the motivations, needs and desires of the consumers qualitatively before quantifying them for actual use; because this is the only way of developing a holistic and thus valid understanding of the consumers.

Need gaps

We carry out need gap analyses to investigate the relationship between the drivers of a market or category and the actually perceived performance of services or products. The analysis provides clues about customer needs that have not been adequately met until now, and thereby identifies white spaces.


In order to approach customers effectively and efficiently in line with their needs or other characteristics, such as personality-related factors or lifestyle, it is necessary to classify them meaningfully. We can help you determine relevant segments of the target group.

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