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Interaction with consumers

One of the fundamental prerequisites for a successful, long-term presence in the market is the strategic management and development of your own brand.

However, brands do not exist in a vacuum. They always depend on consumers’ perceptions and are defined by the brand’s interactions with the consumers’ expectations, needs and preferences. Sustainable brand management is inconceivable without an exact knowledge of the way in which consumers experience a brand and how it is positioned with respect to its competitors.

Some key questions in the field of brand understanding are therefore:

  • How do consumers view the brand – also compared with the competition?
  • How can I differentiate my products or services, and orient the brand optimally towards customer needs at all times?
  • In which direction can I develop my brand without jeopardizing its independence and credibility?

Brand core

The brand core is a starting point for all strategic brand activities and developments: What sets my brand apart from the competition? What makes it unique and desirable?

We use the brand equity model to determine the brand core, taking into account the relevant competitive environment. In addition, we study the key drivers of your customers’ buying decisions and brand loyalty.

Brand positioning

What do we and our brand stand for among consumers?

Hans Domizlaff’s observation about the “monopoly in the psyche of consumers” refers to one of the key factors in positioning: Aside from objective benefits to the customer, personality values, standards and the added emotional value play a crucial role for the way in which a brand is perceived.

We draw on a wide range of qualitative survey methods to get to the bottom of these – often implicit – impressions and sentiments.

Brand strength / brand drivers

Which concrete factors and elements of my brand identity have an effect on the buying intention and brand loyalty of consumers, and when?

Having a precise knowledge of the brand drivers that are relevant at any particular time makes the dynamics, which may often seem abstract, more tangible and therefore allows them to be translated directly into strategic measures.

Brand stretch

It is difficult to generate appreciable growth in a saturated market. An alternative may be to enter into new markets instead.

But how resilient is my brand? In which markets does it have the necessary credibility? And how far can I move away from my brand core without damaging it in the long term and thereby jeopardising the identity of my brand?

We use integrated analytical approaches, which take into account consumer needs, brand attributes and brand characteristics, to reveal the opportunities and limits of your brand.

Brand tracking

A flexible and comprehensive brand tracking approach allows your brand performance to be monitored over time too. For instance, we measure all the relevant performance indicators – such as brand awareness, image profile and net promoter score – and can assist you in interpreting and assessing the data.

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